Handmade Hearts: Stained Glass Valentines

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Looking for a neat Valentine’s Day gift for your sweetie? Stained glass is a great way to go!

These handcrafted hearts can be made in an array of colors and are made to order so you can choose your favorite style and color! Available for purchase on Etsy: the basic heart for $20 or the intricate heart for $28

Give a unique, custom gift that’s sure to look adorable in anyone’s window.


The basic heart for $20. Available in 4 styles and made within 2 days after your purchase!


The intricate heart for $28. First style available – made within 2 days after your purchase


The intricate heart for $28. Second style available – made within 2 days after your purchase


Stained Glass Pet Portraits

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Recently, a friend commissioned a stained glass piece as a Christmas gift for his parents. A few years ago I made them an 8×11 inch panel in the likeness of their wire-haired dachshund. It was my first attempt at a custom piece and I was still new to creating my own patterns. So I created a simple side view that looked like their dog. Looking back, I felt it looked a bit more like just the breed rather than their exact dog.

So when his parents got a second dachshund, I got a chance to create a different portrait that was more in the likeness of their pup. Using a few personal photographs and references from the interwebs, I sketched out a partial profile. Wire-hair dachshunds have a lot of whisker-like tufts of fur, which required more glass pieces to really portray its likeness. After sketching, I made some minor edits in adobe photoshop and illustrator to finish the template.

Reference photo and finished piece.

Reference photo and finished piece.

To depict the sandy-colored dog, I selected glass with texture similar to hair or fur. I chose an array of light amber and brown colored streaky glass.

Stages from start to finish.

Stages from start to finish.

I had a lot fun with this one and welcome custom stained glass orders from anyone that wants a portrait for their own pet. Customers only pay once they approve of the pattern design. Prices are dependent on intricacy and size of piece. It takes about 1-2 weeks from start to completion for custom stained glass.

Finished piece hanging in window.

Finished piece hanging in window.

The photo below gives you an idea of how the combination of opaque and translucent glass would look with the piece is hanging in window at night. By using a lot of opaque streaky glass, the piece looks great in a sunlit window or in the evening.

Glass and Clovers

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Today turned out to be a beautiful day once the afternoon rolled around, and so I spent most of my time outside in our front yard on open side porch. When I was much younger, I always enjoyed sitting around outside and searching for four-leaf clovers. This is best explained by the fact that I am an only child and always found ways to occupy myself. So with a keen eye, I ended up finding a lot of these over the years. Typically I look over clover patches and look for a disruption in the visual pattern of 3-leafed clovers.

my cache of 4-leaf clovers

After finding a handful of clovers (seen above), I pressed them between 2 pieces of flat glass. Once they dry out I plan on placing them between clear flat glass or beveled glass to make some neat sun catchers. Here’s a quick sketch I did of what I was thinking.

Quick mock-up of pressed clover stained glass

I was perusing Etsy for some pressed clover sun catchers/ornaments and found this piece by snlcreation. Here’s a photo of one their neat little pieces.

4-leaf clover sun catcher

Kokomo Glass Shop

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Kokomo, Indiana is home of Kokomo Opalescent Glass. Since opening it’s doors in 1888, this company has become renowned for making it’s own art glass, stained glass pieces, and all sorts of glass accessories. Having sold 7 pieces of stained glass this week, I finally decided to visit their shop and stock up on some more glass. David, one of there awesome employees, showed me around and brought be to the cheaper glass first (hey – I’m economical).

I decided to pick up a few panels of teal blue to make this abstract stained glass piece again:

8x8" Square Abstract Stained Glass

After selecting a few neat panels of textured glass, I decided to rummage through the scrap glass bins. At 75 cents per lb, I loaded up on a ton of yellows, reds, and pinks. But I’m always a sucker for purple and blue-tinted glass, so I grabbed some of those as well. You can’t beat 20 lbs of glass for $15!

I was finally checking out when I saw a neat finished piece in their storefront. It consisted of a large single piece of thick glass tile with a zebra’s portrait on it created entirely with solder. Curious as to how it was made, I asked about it and David showed me a few more pieces like it. So I decided to try out this technique myself and purchased what I needed: 1 large glass tile, a sheet of black backed copper foil and some paste flux. Check back for a future blog with details and photos of this new endeavor!

Just a quick reminder that students receive 10% off purchases and everyone will receive a hefty 25% off this April 25-30, 2011!!! So go stock up on glass and accessories!

Handmade Stained Glass Butterfly ($16)

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I hand-crafted this butterfly using a combination of semi-opaque and translucent glass, so that it stands out both at night and in a sunlit window. I gave it some cute accents using hand-curled wire. Patina is a bright silver color.

Click on the photo to visit my Etsy glass shop and buy this little guy!

This butterfly’s wingspan is about 4” wide.

This piece is carefully packaged and shipped with a suction cup. I also accept custom orders, so if you would prefer a different color or size, please send me a message for a quote.

Shipping Costs: United States – $4.00 / Canada – $10.00

It’s available for purchase through my store on Etsy.com. It’s secure and easy: http://www.etsy.com/listing/71895646/handmade-stained-glass-butterfly

Restored Stained Glass Dove ($25)

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I found this cute dove at an antique shop the other day. It was partially broken, and I couldn’t bare to let it continue sitting there on a dusty shelf so I brought it home and soldered on a new loop for hanging, touched up some work, and attached a little droplet of solder for an eye. Now it’s all fixed and ready to go to a good home!

Click on the photo to visit my Etsy glass shop and buy this little guy!

This piece is made with white opaque iridescent glass and lots of nice wire work. It has a wingspan of 6 inches.

Shipping Costs:

United States – $4.00 / Canada – $10.00

It’s available for purchase through my store on Etsy.com. It’s secure and easy: http://www.etsy.com/listing/71866999/stained-glass-dove

Handmade Stained Glass Sunset ($70)

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Just finished this piece yesterday and it’s ready for a good home!!

Click on the images to visit my Etsy glass shop!

This large handmade piece captures the beauty of a sunset over rolling hills. It combines colorful translucent and opaque glass to create a bold stained glass panel that stands out in dim light and glows brilliantly in sunlight. The custom frame and patina are a rich copper.

This 12″ x 6″ panel comes with a sturdy copper chain for hanging.

I also accepts custom orders, so if you need an accompanying piece or would prefer a variation in color or size, please send me a message for a quote.

Shipping Costs:

United States – $10.00 / Canada – $20.00

Stained Glass Sunset

Purchases can be made through my store on Etsy.com. It’s secure and easy!