DIY Painted Deer Skull

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I recently came across some deer skulls on craigslist. The person was selling items that were found in old storage abandoned lockers that his father started mass purchasing. I quickly scooped them up for projects. When I picked them up, the man cautiously asked me what I wanted 4 skulls for, and I told him I planned on cleaning them up and hanging them on the wall as decoration.

This is seriously such an easy color project to implement and it looks amazing hanging out your wall.

  1. If the skull is free of soft tissue, simply brush off dust, hair, or any other debris.
  2. Buy one spray can of your color of choice – I went with lime green!
  3. Use well-ventilated area when spraying. I have a yard, so I placed the skull on a flattened cardboard box in the grass.
  4. Spray one side, let it dry for an hour and then flip and spray the other side. I recommend 2 coats.
  5. For hanging, drill a small hole on the back side, under the large hole (foramen magnum) near the top of the head. Then insert an eye hook screw, which can then be hung simply with picture hanger hardware.


Mid-century Chair Rehab

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Last week I posted about the table and chairs I had just scored from the local thrift shop. Here is a peek at one of the finished chairs compared to its original state! I love before and after shots! After stripping stain and varnish, reupholstering the seats, staining, and applying polyurethane, the chairs are done. I especially enjoy being able to see the wood grain in the chairs.

Before & After

Next, I will post a step by step how-to on refinishing wood furniture.

Do-It-Yourself Holiday Ornament Wreath!

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I always see great versions of wreaths made of christmas ornament balls on Pinterest and thought I would try my own. Since I love bright colors and wanted something that didn’t necessarily scream Christmas, I chose balls in blue, purple, green, orange, and silver. As I was picking out a foam wreath from the craft store I found some neat glittery flowers I decided to incorporate.

All you need is:

  1. styrofoam ring
  2. christmas ornamental balls
  3. hot glue gun and extra glue sticks
  4. bow/ribbon (optional)
  5. flowers (optional)

Glass of wine optional.

While your hot glue gun is heating up, remove the metal hanging facets from each ornament. Dab the ornament with glue in two different areas and proceed to attach to foam ring. Glue ornaments to each other in addition to the ring. As you can see above, I chose to build up one area and then work my way around. Finally adorn with bow and you’re ready to hang it!

Thrifty Find: Mid-century Table and Chairs

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A few weeks ago I needed to kill some time before meeting a friend, so naturally I found the closest Goodwill and perused the store. In the back I found a table and two chairs (the third tucked away in the back). I immediately wanted the table, with it’s mid-century style and sleek legs. The chairs…not so much. Only because they looked so worn. But with a price tag of $12.99, who could argue. Since I had to meet my friend, and wasn’t sure if it would fit in my car, I decided to come back in the afternoon and take another look at it.

This is the photo I texted to my boyfriend to see what he thought before purchasing.

As soon as I arrived back at the store, I beelined toward the table only to see an old woman speaking to an employee about it. I was so sad! I asked if she was definitely purchasing the table, and told her about how I had seen it that morning but planned on returning to buy it. She informed me she was mostly interested in the chairs, and could live without the table, and even offered to buy everything and give me the table. I was incredibly happy, and we talked for a little while in the store. The woman said she was just going to put these in an apartment for visiting guests, explaining how easy it would be to update the chairs and reupholster them. She kept asking me if I was sure that I didn’t want to just buy everything. It didn’t take much convincing, and we finally came to the agreement that I would just buy the table and chairs since I didn’t have much money and needed a dining room table.

Stay tuned, as I chronicle this refinishing project.