DIY Painted Deer Skull

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I recently came across some deer skulls on craigslist. The person was selling items that were found in old storage abandoned lockers that his father started mass purchasing. I quickly scooped them up for projects. When I picked them up, the man cautiously asked me what I wanted 4 skulls for, and I told him I planned on cleaning them up and hanging them on the wall as decoration.

This is seriously such an easy color project to implement and it looks amazing hanging out your wall.

  1. If the skull is free of soft tissue, simply brush off dust, hair, or any other debris.
  2. Buy one spray can of your color of choice – I went with lime green!
  3. Use well-ventilated area when spraying. I have a yard, so I placed the skull on a flattened cardboard box in the grass.
  4. Spray one side, let it dry for an hour and then flip and spray the other side. I recommend 2 coats.
  5. For hanging, drill a small hole on the back side, under the large hole (foramen magnum) near the top of the head. Then insert an eye hook screw, which can then be hung simply with picture hanger hardware.


Handmade Hearts: Stained Glass Valentines

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Looking for a neat Valentine’s Day gift for your sweetie? Stained glass is a great way to go!

These handcrafted hearts can be made in an array of colors and are made to order so you can choose your favorite style and color! Available for purchase on Etsy: the basic heart for $20 or the intricate heart for $28

Give a unique, custom gift that’s sure to look adorable in anyone’s window.


The basic heart for $20. Available in 4 styles and made within 2 days after your purchase!


The intricate heart for $28. First style available – made within 2 days after your purchase


The intricate heart for $28. Second style available – made within 2 days after your purchase