Etched Pint Glasses: Merry ReX-mas & Holiday Grumpy Cat

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It’s that time of the year again. We’re all striving to find someone a neat gift that doesn’t cost a ton of money but is unique and cool at the same time. Something that says, “I put a little thought into this and didn’t just walk into an Urban Outfitters and grab a tchotchke from the checkout line while waiting to buy myself a sweater.”

My glasses are personally designed by myself and at only $10 apiece, they’re budget-friendly. Using an acid-etching technique, the design is permanent and will never wash away or chip like enamel decals.

Merry ReX-mas and Holiday Grumpy Cat

Merry ReX-mas Pint Glass

Merry ReX-mas Pint Glass

Holiday Grumpy Cat Pint Glass

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