DIY Painted Deer Skull

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I recently came across some deer skulls on craigslist. The person was selling items that were found in old storage abandoned lockers that his father started mass purchasing. I quickly scooped them up for projects. When I picked them up, the man cautiously asked me what I wanted 4 skulls for, and I told him I planned on cleaning them up and hanging them on the wall as decoration.

This is seriously such an easy color project to implement and it looks amazing hanging out your wall.

  1. If the skull is free of soft tissue, simply brush off dust, hair, or any other debris.
  2. Buy one spray can of your color of choice – I went with lime green!
  3. Use well-ventilated area when spraying. I have a yard, so I placed the skull on a flattened cardboard box in the grass.
  4. Spray one side, let it dry for an hour and then flip and spray the other side. I recommend 2 coats.
  5. For hanging, drill a small hole on the back side, under the large hole (foramen magnum) near the top of the head. Then insert an eye hook screw, which can then be hung simply with picture hanger hardware.


Upcycled Mid-Century Book Shelf

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A few months ago I found this adorable mid-century shelf at a thrift shop for $25. But I wasn’t a huge fan of the sloppy reddish brown paint and I abhorred the old dated wall paper, so I decided to freshen it up.

  1. First, I ripped out the wall paper. There was a ton of old dried glue residue still adhering so I used my small electric sander to easily sand away the adherent.
  2. After giving the shelf a wipe down to remove dust, I decided to spray paint it with Rust-Oleum in an heirloom white color. For maximum coverage, I ended up needing 4 cans, so I recommend going with a small can of paint, if you take on a similar project.
  3. Next I decided to paint the backboard with a pop of color: orange. Cream and orange look beautiful together and I wanted to give this shelf a more retro midcentury feel.
  4. I taped off the edge around the back board and then used a 4-inch cabinet/door roller to cover main areas and a small paint brush for the edges.
  5. After letting this dry, I removed the tape, touched up areas where some bleeding had occurred.
  6. Finally I used a spray sealant as a fixative, but I will end up covering the whole shelf in a 1-2 layers of polyacrylic ( my favorite sealant – it doesn’t yellow furniture over time) to ensure the paint doesn’t scrape off with use.

Now it’s time to fill this babe with vintage chotskies and lovely books!

Finished Shelf

Finished Shelf

Before & After

Do-It-Yourself Holiday Ornament Wreath!

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I always see great versions of wreaths made of christmas ornament balls on Pinterest and thought I would try my own. Since I love bright colors and wanted something that didn’t necessarily scream Christmas, I chose balls in blue, purple, green, orange, and silver. As I was picking out a foam wreath from the craft store I found some neat glittery flowers I decided to incorporate.

All you need is:

  1. styrofoam ring
  2. christmas ornamental balls
  3. hot glue gun and extra glue sticks
  4. bow/ribbon (optional)
  5. flowers (optional)

Glass of wine optional.

While your hot glue gun is heating up, remove the metal hanging facets from each ornament. Dab the ornament with glue in two different areas and proceed to attach to foam ring. Glue ornaments to each other in addition to the ring. As you can see above, I chose to build up one area and then work my way around. Finally adorn with bow and you’re ready to hang it!

How to Wrap Small Holiday Gifts Like Candy!

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I love wrapping presents. Probably more than I enjoy finding gifts for people. Therefore, I love different kinds of wrapping paper, not just holiday-themed varieties.

A few years ago, I got the idea to wrap small presents to give the illusion of a piece of candy. It’s pretty simple and looks super cute:

What you’ll need:

  • Paper towel roll
  • Wrapping paper
  • Ribbon
  • Tape
  • Scissors

The present above was a pair of earrings for my boyfriend’s sister. For jewelry, most pieces come in a box, nestled in some sort of soft, fluffy insert. If you have that, wrap your jewelry within the insert so nothing gets scuffed or rattles. Otherwise you can use tissue paper or even newspaper to pad your gift item. Next cut off a small piece of paper towel roll that’s sized to fit your item. Place the item into the paper towel roll and cover with a rectangular piece of gift paper, enough that it hangs about 3 inches over each end of the roll. Tape the paper together on the roll, and then twist each end and tie off with ribbon. Finally use one of the blade edges of your scissors to curl the ribbon.


DIY Jewelry Organizer


Before Pinterest was around I got the idea to use a cork board as a jewelry organizer. Brilliant! And cheap! I just hung the board, tacked some pins and push pins and voila, I had a cheap and easy organizer.

But that wasn’t creative enough. I recently saw a pin for framed cork boards, which got my gears going. I liked the idea, but the main thing that had always bothered me about my one cork board was the tears in it (I found it up for grabs outside a professor’s office). In an attempt to mask the marred material, I wanted to cover it in fabric. Nothing fancy, just a plain color. After picking up a light shade of teal, I decided to paint the wood frame in a bold color.

A few steps in the process.

What you’ll need:

  1. Cork board in frame
  2. Acrylic paint or spray paint
  3. Fabric (the size of cork board)
  4. Putty or palette knife (or a thin plastic knife could do)
  5. Thick cardstock or painters tape
  6. Pins

First cut your fabric piece slightly smaller than the size of the frame. Next, with your putty knife, begin wedging fabric under the frame. I started on one side and then worked my around back to where I started, ensuring to keep the fabric taught as I went.

I originally wanted to remove the frame and pull the fabric to the back and place the frame back on, but my frames were all fastened with large pieces of metal fasteners that I couldn’t remove without damaging the integrity of the wood. So I decided to use a putty knife to wedge the fabric under the edges of the frame. If you find you can pull the frame off, you should paint it before reframing the fabric-covered board. The steps below do no require fram removal.

Now that your fabric is in place, you’re ready to paint the frame. To protect the fabric, I wedged thick paper under the inner frame edges and picked a bright color, orange in this case. I found a tube or orange acrylic paint and coated it twice so the wood was no longer visible beneath.

If you’re worried about your fabric staying put, place short pins (I actually used jewelry wire cutters to shorten the pins I had) in the fabric-covered corners.

Let it dry 30 minutes to an hour, then arrange your pins (always at an angle to ensure jewelry doesn’t fall). As you can see below, I designated my top row for long, thin earrings, and my second row for wide ones, with the pins spaced further apart. Finally place your jewelry on the board and you are done! Hang in an easy access place.

Finished jewelry organizer

DIY Magnetic Spice Rack

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BB&B Spice Rack – $39.99

A while back I saw a magnetic spice rack at Bed, Bath & Beyond but could not convince myself to spend $39.99 on something mass produced. I also wasn’t a huge fan of the circular tins for some reason. So I started looking online for alternative resources to create something similar.

This project basically consists of 3 simple things:

  1. A magnetic dry erase board – $9
  2. A dozen 6 oz. Applause tins with clear tops (in the shape you prefer) – $15-20
  3. A dozen precut magnetic sticky rounds – $3-5

Magnetic Dry Erase Board from Target

First off, my kitchen doesn’t have much wall space nor do I utilize THAT many spices, so I opted for a smaller sized (14×14″) magnetic board from Target. In addition, my current kitchen has an odd wallpaper, which led me to choose a bright and bold lime colored board to detract attention from the walls.

Next I purchased a dozen 6 oz. Applause tins from a seller on eBay. These came with the wonderful option of purchasing precut magnetic rounds in addition to your purchase. The magnetic rounds have a sticky back. Just peel off the backing, and place the sticky surface on the underside of your tins. Press firmly, and now they’re ready to place on a magnetic surface.

Applause tin (6 oz.)

Spice-filled & labeled tins

I then packed my tins full of spices I use most often. As a final crafty touch, I neatly printed the contents of each tin onto a piece of white paper and used a coral colored permanent marker to outline my lettering. I think it gives it a personal touch and keeps things uniform. If you prefer, type out your spice names out in a word document (with plenty of space) and print them and cut them out. Next I used clear packaging tape on both sides of the label to “laminate” it and keep it from getting damaged over time. Lastly, a small piece of scotch tape is used to to attach them to the appropriate tins.

Finally, just hang your board and arrange your tins in a pleasing fashion!

Helpful tip: Out of wall space? Remember your refrigerator is also magnetic. These little spice tins can simply be arranged on your fridge!