Glass and Clovers

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Today turned out to be a beautiful day once the afternoon rolled around, and so I spent most of my time outside in our front yard on open side porch. When I was much younger, I always enjoyed sitting around outside and searching for four-leaf clovers. This is best explained by the fact that I am an only child and always found ways to occupy myself. So with a keen eye, I ended up finding a lot of these over the years. Typically I look over clover patches and look for a disruption in the visual pattern of 3-leafed clovers.

my cache of 4-leaf clovers

After finding a handful of clovers (seen above), I pressed them between 2 pieces of flat glass. Once they dry out I plan on placing them between clear flat glass or beveled glass to make some neat sun catchers. Here’s a quick sketch I did of what I was thinking.

Quick mock-up of pressed clover stained glass

I was perusing Etsy for some pressed clover sun catchers/ornaments and found this piece by snlcreation. Here’s a photo of one their neat little pieces.

4-leaf clover sun catcher